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End-to-end Temporary Staffing Software

You need to assign a candidate on a specific punctual need? It’s easy with PRIM Logix. All you have to do is to open your placement interface and call list. Instantly, PRIM Logix generates a potential list for you, based on your desired criteria.

PRIM Logix is proud to provide your agency with a staffing solution that will improve the way your agency will schedule temporary workforce.

Our mission is to optimize the most demanding business processes for you. That way, we can guarantee your success when it comes to hiring and assigning your most relevant candidates. PRIM Logix offers modular solutions in the temporary staffing sector that is scalable as your grow.

There are several advantages to our staffing software. Our team is thrilled to introduce you to PRIM Logix and all the ways it can help your staffing agency to manage your temporary workforce. Discover everything there is to know about our  software for temporary and permanent staffing firms now.


  • Batch requests creation
  • Dynamic calling lists
  • Unlimited emails and sms dispatching
  • Schedules & replacements management


  • Schedules & availabilities for candidates
  • Timesheets for candidates
  • Online bills and pays consulting
  • Candidates information updating


  • Dashboards
  • Candidates, clients and employees files
  • Statistics and reports
  • Access privileges


  • Candidates communication history
  • Emails synchronization
  • Tasks and events management
  • Interactive lists filtered by criterias


  • Data transfer to accounting system
  • Compilation of gross payroll data
  • Individual or batch invoice dispatching
  • Commissions management

Temporary Staffing Software:
PRIM Logix’s Features


PRIM Logix’s advanced criteria management system makes it so you will always have a perfect contact list of candidates, which means you’ll spend less time placing calls and will receive positive answers more quickly. Our tool efficiently compares your requirements with those of the candidates to generate a customized contacts list. Things such as employee availability, work hours, distance, competencies, training, preferences, and much more, are considered by our staffing software.

Furthermore, PRIM Logix has a mass mailing feature and communication templates that ensure quick and effective communication. Once a temporary position has been filled, it is automatically added to the candidate’s schedule and availability.

SMS, e-mail or telephone

Our mass mailing feature and communication templates ensure quick and effective communication. Once a position has been filled, it will automatically be added to the candidate’s schedule and availability.

Other features:

  • Create individual or batch requests
  • Quick overview of a staffing need or candidate / client file
  • Complete information for each request: received by, requested by, requirements, location, work shift, perks and bonuses,confirmation and more
  • Quick overview of every request or filtered requests
  • Custom call list
  • Unlimited criteria management
  • Advanced filters
  • Visual countdown for replacements with a fixed time limit
  • Automated SMS or email templates
  • Advanced management of sent replies: Reminder in an hour, message left, not available for the day, etc.
  • Creation of historical records for each communication, including the candidate’s replies
  • Schedule and availability management
  • Automated transmission of replacement description
  • Automated schedule transmission
  • Online calendar and availabilities (exclusive to the web interface)
  • Online replacement proposal (exclusive to the web interface)
  • Download replacement description (exclusive to the web interface)


    Custom interface

    The interface can be configured to your company’s colours as an extension of your brand. Your candidates can easily view your most recent staffing needs on your Web site and submit their interest.


    Candidate profiles

    The new candidates can create their profile within PRIM Logix, thanks to the automated analysis of their resume. Once registered, users have access to schedules, they can change their availability, update contact information, and can even access communication history.

    • Manage availabilities by day or by work shift, with recurrence  

    • Download assignment details  

    • Possibility to apply online for a staffing position 

    • And more 

    Customer access
    PRIM Logix allows your customers to look at the staffing schedule for their business as well as know the identity of assigned candidates. In addition to creating new staffing positions, they will have access to account aging, and more.

    • Create a new request
    • Consult account aging
    • Recruitment status information
    • And More


    Our managing tools offers more than 55 custom reports and the ability to produce tailored reports regarding your temporary placement data. You will always be aware of your peak periods, staffing delays as well as the status of your candidates’ pool or accounts. You can also manage information access for each of your employees and keep a history of changes applied to important information.

    With PRIM Logix, you are in control. We give you access to PRIM Logix’s advanced configuration options so you can change the behavior of the software at any time to better suit your needs.

    Other features:

    • Automated reports
    • Security groups
    • Performance charts
    • Account aging
    • Customers, employees and candidates files
    • Dashboards and overview
    • Division management
    • Union contract management
    • Complete PRIM management
    • Change History
    • Export to Microsoft Excel
    • Automatic contract generation


    Another advantage of our recruitment staffing software is that your Customer Relation Management is not limited to a module. The CRM is integrated into every aspect of PRIM Logix to help keep all of your relevant information and keep an eye on your temporary placement business. This feature also is not limited to your customers. It extends to all your candidates, as well as your employees. You have permanent access to their files and communication history. PRIM Logix also allows you to write e-mails or SMS within the software, plan prospecting appointments or placement follow-ups as well as get automated reminders.

    You get at-a-glance visibility of your best candidates as well as your most profitable customers. Filter each list to highlight interesting prospects or candidates waiting for an interview.


    Other features:

      • Complete client, candidate and employee files
      • Communication History
      • Employment History
      • Communication templates
      • Send emails or SMS from PRIM
      • Task and event management
      • Automatic reminders and tracking
      • Advanced custom filters
      • Internal notes and custom fields
      • Communication templates
      • Send emails or SMS from PRIM
      • Task and event management
      • Automatic reminders and tracking
      • Advanced custom filters
      • Internal notes and custom fields


    Your accounting system

    Our recruiting software also allow you to transfer billing and payroll information from PRIM Logix to your accounting system. You no longer need to enter hours worked at different rates to produce payrolls and invoices. PRIM Logix takes care of it for you and forwards all the relevant information to your accounting system.

    Raw payroll data 

    Following the receipt and validation of employee timesheets, PRIM Logix can generate raw payroll data, including perks and bonuses, as well as travel and other exceptions. Each rate and salary will be considered to generate the final data. It is possible to create customer invoices and internal commissions before forwarding them to your accounting software or directly to your customers.

    Between encashment management and multiple shift consolidation in a single transaction, PRIM Logix accompanies you to the end of your process.

    Other features:


    • Gross payroll data compilation according to rates and hours
    • Customer invoice compilation over a period of time
    • Internal perks and commission compilation
    • Invoice issuance and account aging
    • Encashment management
    • Synchronization with your accounting system or online payroll
    • Online gross payroll data (exclusive to the web interface)
    • Online invoices and account aging (exclusive to the web interface)
    • Bill payment by credit card (exclusive to the web interface) (Pivotal payment partnership) 


    why do you need temporary staffing software?

    Your staff needs to focus their time on added value tasks like improving candidate quality and candidate dispatching’s velocity. This can easily be done by using a solid Staffing software like PRIM Logix. 

    1. Efficiency: Improve dispatching velocity and give wings to the efficiency level of your agency. 

    2. More for less: Increase productivity and reduce human errors by using automation. Recruiters and dispatchers will have more time to build solid relationships with talents and clients. 

    3. Improve communication and efficiency: When dispatching, it is important to have quick respond time and to communicate effectively with your team members, your clients and with candidates. PRIM Logix provides fantastic tools for communication and can allow you to automate tasks such as response emails and SMS 

    4. Volume: Improve the number of new applicants, which means a greater talent pool. 

    5. Invoicing: Improved process enables you to bill quicker and be more accurate. 

    6. Better flow of information: Abolition of silos by interconnecting processes in the same ecosystem. Share and increase visibility of data. By using a Staffing Software, you can greatly improve your channels of communication by keeping your clients and candidates in the loop. 


    You have questions about PRIM Logix Temporary staffing Software? 

    Do not hesitate to contact us. An experienced member of our team will gladly take your call and answer all of your questions. 


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