High level of integration and customization to agency's processes


High level of integration and customization to agency's processes


High level of integration and customization to agency's processes


High level of integration and customization to agency's processes


High level of integration and customization to agency's processes


High level of integration and customization to agency's processes

Integrated Management

Logiciel de recrutement

A well-managed company has good work practices in place and applies them with rigor and attention to detail. But what happens when the volume of work increases? Tasks multiply. Without a good management tool, you’ll have to increase the number of operational and administrative staff to get the job done. Over the years, PRIM Logix has made it its mission to maximize its clients’ productivity gains through its management tools integrated to its software offering for employment agencies. What a pleasure to always have all the tools for tracking tasks, communications, and notes at your fingertip. In addition, the speed, flexibility, and reliability of the integrated modules for customer follow-up (CRM), billing management, payroll management and more will make win in efficiency.

Process follow-ups, manage operational and administrative tasks with efficiency, speed, and accuracy; this is our goal with our integrated management module. 



  • Automation
  • Workflow
  • Management of notifications
  • Sending communications
  • Communication history



  • Client profile
  • Follow-up manager for prospect and active clients
  • Integrated follow-up (status, tasks, communications)
  • Document management
  • Mass mailing




  • More than 50 reports available
  • Data extraction to Excel
  • Custom report creation and integration
  • Dashboards



  • Multi-level rates management
  • Payroll period management
  • Manual and automated pay codes
  • Payroll preparation following approval of timesheets
  • Transfer gross data to a payroll system



  • Customized pricing 
  • Advanced management tools for items to be invoiced   
  • Ultra-flexible invoice creation 
  • Payment management
  • Transfers (export)  

Tracking of tasks and communications 


Some tasks or communications are predictable and repetitive? PRIM Logix can automate the creation of these tasks so that you don’t forget anything and can devote your time to value-added tasks.


By defining workflows, you will help your team to complete all steps of your processes in a timely manner with our task management module. Assign some tasks to a user or a security group. Synchronize these tasks with your collaborators’ calendars and set reminders so you don’t forget anything. These work methods save you from having to use multiple tools to know what needs to be done.

Management of notifications

“A client has just shown interest in your application! See details.” Here’s the kind of notification your candidates will appreciate and react to quickly using your mobile app. Manually created notifications by your users and automated notifications will improve the communication between your agency and your external collaborators.

Sending communications

From offering a job to a candidate to confirming an assignment or sending invoices, PRIM Logix provides users with email and/or text message templates using self-replacing variables. You have full control over your message templates to put your corporate DNA into them and win flexibility.

Communication history

Was the licence renewal notice sent to this candidate? Don’t waste time searching. All communications sent via PRIM Logix remain in the communication history of the entity concerned. Your users will even be able to import the emails received by your external collaborators. The information is therefore in one place and any user with the appropriate security rights can look up previous exchanges to take over a file.

Client relationship (CRM)

Client profile


On your first contact with a prospect, record their information in their profile: contact information, business characteristics, internal organization, links to their websites and social networks, important documents and much more. The customer profile is a goldmine of information for anyone who cares about client relationship management.


Follow-up manager for prospect and active clients


An active follow-up of your clients ensures a good relationship with them. Do you have specific steps to follow when approaching a new client? Don’t miss anything with our potential clients tracking tool. Once activated, do you want to make sure clients are satisfied with your services? Our follow-ups will go hand in hand with your imagination and you will be able to schedule reminders on specific dates and assign responsibilities to the right people.


Integrated follow-up (status, tasks, communications)


When it comes to client follow-ups, nothing should be overlooked. PRIM Logix’s system-wide tracking tools make your life easier and provides more flexibility with all the possibilities they offer. Manage the flow of steps with statuses, tasks or criteria and keep track of your communication history. Silo management is non-existent with us; the key to success is the fluidity of information!


Document management


By inserting client documents into PRIM Logix, you will have full control over access to these documents through your security groups. You can even make these documents available to your clients on their web portal. We even keep previous versions of your documents in the case of evolving documents.


Mass mailing


Would you like to notify your potential and/or current clientele of your presence at a conference? PRIM Logix’s mass mailing tool allows you to create the mailing list, target key contacts in each company, create your templates in the languages of your choice, and we take care of the rest. Everything will of course remain in the communication history of each recipient.


Data analysis and presentation

More than 50 reports available

With 2 decades of experience with our valued customer base, we have developed many reports flexibly designed to meet your needs. Data sheets, summaries, data entry analysis, financial analysis and more. Data is present in PRIM Logix? We can extract it and present it in a way that helps you in your decision-making.

Data extraction to Excel


Do you see data on the screen that you would like to have in Excel to do some calculations for a specific need? Use our Excel data extraction tool, available in all system windows. Of course, this feature is secure, and you will be able to control what information can be extracted, and by whom.

Custom report creation and integration


Our portfolio of reports and our Excel extraction tool do not meet one of your specific needs? We can not only develop a customized report to meet it, but also make it available in your windows for full integration, to let you win more flexibility.



Visual persons will love the graphical dashboards that are available in PRIM Logix. See at a glance a client’s account status, the status of applications for a position, and more!


Payroll preparation

Multi-level rates management


Rate grids based on job type, grouping, client, candidate, or any possible combination of these elements ensure that the rate paid at the time of the candidate’s assignment will automatically populate, thus eliminating a lot of research and validation time.


Payroll period management


Define your pay periods (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly) for each division at the beginning of the year. The system will group the shifts performed in the same period, which will facilitate the transfer of the gross data, in a fair and efficient way, to your payroll system.


Manual and automated pay codes


Anything outside of the hourly rate that needs to be paid to your candidates can be coded to be taken care of when creating your payroll. Depending on the case, this may require manual entry, but very often, an automation rule can be defined to simplify your life.

Payroll preparation following approval of timesheets


It is virtually impossible to forget an employee or an item to be paid. Our payroll preparation system shows you all the items that have not yet been paid and that are ready to be paid. Don’t look any further – it’s all there, in one place!

Transfer gross data to a payroll system


Our third-party transfer module allows us to interface our software with any pay system that allows you to import a batch of gross pay.


Customized pricing

Our experience of staffing in some industries with very complex pricing structures has allowed us to refine our pricing hierarchy. Well-informed client records will certainly make you win in efficiency, because once you create your service requests, the right rates will apply every time. Is there a rate increase scheduled for a specific date? Use our date-based price management to proactively enter your new rates.

Advanced management tools for items to be invoiced

Since the core of the information is the Service Request, we have developed a request-based billing management tool that ensures you never forget anything. You need to make an adjustment to a request made 3 months ago? It automatically becomes ready to be processed in your billable items. Peace of mind and rigour are key to our invoicing management.

Ultra-flexible invoice creation

As a featured functionality for accounts receivable users, our custom invoice creation tool that adapt to your client’s needs make them save several hours per week, per person! One client wants an invoice by candidate. Another wants an invoice by department. Yet another wants an invoice by candidate-department pair. And so on! A simple checkbox in the client’s file and PRIM Logix is ready to go. Your users can forget about all these client preferences and we will generate as many invoices as needed.

Payment management

Record the payments your clients send to you in PRIM to win in efficiency. Your authorized users will no longer have to check with accounting to find out if a client has an outstanding account. To make things even faster, the following two payment methods will make your day:

Direct debit

For your clients who have authorized you, prepare direct debits in advance. Then deposit the direct debit file in your banking institution and dozens or hundreds of payments can be managed simultaneously.

Credit card

What better way to save even more time than to provide self-service access for your clients to pay their invoices by credit card? The client web portal can be linked to your Stripe account and allow to enter their payments into your system themselves. Just export the data to your accounting system!

Transfers (exports)

Your invoices and payments can be transferred to your accounting system via API or file transfer using our export module. Use this feature to eliminate the risk of double entry, omissions, and transcription errors, but also to increase efficiency and satisfaction.

What are the different benefits of using the PRIM Logix software? 

Pourquoi avez-vous besoin d'un logiciel de recrutement?

PRIM Logix is a staffing software that provides integrated management of client and candidate interactions. This allows for better task management, more efficient collaboration, and improved client relationship management. By centralizing all interactions, PRIM Logix allows you to gain efficiency. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Better management of client interactions: With communication history and email synchronization, users can easily track all interactions with their clients and candidates, making it easier to meet their needs.
  2. Effective task management: Task management allows users to track and plan all activities related to each application, enabling more effective collaboration among team members.
  3. Organising client documents: Client document management allows all client documents to be stored and organized, making it easier to find and retrieve important information.
  4. Time saving: By providing centralized management of all interactions with clients and candidates, PRIM Logix saves time and increases user productivity.
  5. Improved client satisfaction: With a better client relationship management, PRIM Logix makes it possible to win in client satisfaction by meeting their needs more effectively and by offering a more personalized service.


Have questions about our PRIM Logix staffing software??

Feel free to contact us: 1-844-849-7746

PRIM Logix est l'outil le plus efficace en matière de logiciel de recrutement. Outre les nombreuses fonctionnalités, voici quelques-uns des avantages de notre logiciel d'agence de recrutement:

1. Réduisez le coût par embauche: améliorez la vitesse de recrutement et augmentez les emplois comblés à temps.

2. Améliorez la rapidité et l’efficacité des communications: Lors du recrutement, il est important d'avoir un temps de réponse rapide et de communiquer efficacement avec les membres de votre équipe, vos clients et avec les candidats. PRIM Logix fournit des outils de communication fantastiques et vous permet d'automatiser des tâches telles que les courriels de réponse et les SMS.

3. Plus de volume: Améliorer le nombre de nouveaux candidats, ce qui signifie une plus grande réserve de talents.

4. Facturation: Un processus amélioré vous permet de facturer plus rapidement et d'être plus précis.

5. Meilleure circulation de l'information: suppression des silos en interconnectant les processus dans un même écosystème. Partagez et augmentez la visibilité des données. En utilisant un logiciel de recrutement, vous pouvez grandement améliorer vos canaux de communication en gardant vos clients et candidats informés.

Vous avez des questions sur notre logiciel de recrutement PRIM Logix?

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter: 1-844-849-7746


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