The change of year may not have been celebrated with much fanfare, but let’s all agree that the year ahead holds a lot of hope and optimism! When it comes to resolutions, which ones can a good Staffing software help you keep?


On the professional side, for temporary and permanent staffing agencies, the year 2022 offers the chance to be rich in growth and development opportunities.This is what the trends in the Canadian employment market show.


The beginning of a new year is also a time to make good resolutions!


The past two years have taught me that when it comes to resolutions, it is sometimes better to be realistic than to aim for the stars. However, this does not prevent us from taking advantage of the beginning of the year to take stock of what needs to be developed. On a personal level, but also on a professional level.


Do you want to grow your staffing agency in 2022?


SIf so, the first question to ask yourself is how you will adapt to running a growing business.


It’s a fact: every staffing agency needs the right technology to thrive.


But it becomes even more essential when your business is looking to grow. Choosing the best staffing software to meet your needs will ease the process of expansion and help your business thrive in the long term.


Find out how the right staffing software can help you grow your temporary or permanent staffing agency:


• How to Save time?


One of the main problems you will face is lack of time.


Having a lot to do and not having the time to do it well can be overwhelming. It is also a great source of stress.


Using the right staffing software will help you run your business efficiently while saving you time and effort. The less you must do, the more time you have to focus on developing your agency.


Automation of certain administrative tasks, an intelligent task reminder system, indexing of potential candidates by criteria and preferences… PRIM Logix’s time-saving features are numerous and always customizable to your needs!


• How can your clients help you ease your workload?


As your client base grows, so does your workload. By choosing PRIM Logix for your business, you enable your clients to manage certain information themselves. Through a dedicated web platform – and in your own colours – your clients can control their accounts themselves.


The PRIM Web portal allows your client to create temporary replacement or permanent vacancies, participate in the recruitment process, view invoices, and make payments and much more, which means that you and your team will be less burdened. All according to your preferences and the limits you set.


• How to Find candidates who are an accurate match?


Having a large pool of talent on file, ready to be matched with the perfect job, is great news. But if your candidate database is complicated and difficult to update, the information it contains may be inaccurate and the placement matches less relevant. Finding the best candidates in your system can be a tedious and time-consuming task when your database is not adequate. To save time and ensure you find the perfect candidates for each position, you need a database you can rely on to get the results you need.


Once again, PRIM Logix can help! Our staffing software uses an intuitive search function that considers multiple and precise criteria, but also the preferences indicated by each party as well as objective data, such as the distance between residence and workplace. With such a precise search, you will find the perfect candidates in less time and more efficiently than ever before.


• How can you Easily manage your team?


As your staffing agency grows, so does the number of employees. And as your team grows, you find that your HR workload increases rapidly. This means you have less time to focus on other aspects of the expansion process and more time to spend on recruitment schedules, payroll, and other HR-related tasks. With the right software, you will find that all your HR tasks are completed efficiently without any duplication of effort.


Through their dedicated web platform, your temporary employees can update their information, such as contact details, but also their job preferences, training, and other criteria of your choice. By giving temporary employees access to their information, you can dramatically reduce the time you spend on HR tasks and focus on growing your business and ensuring its future success.


New job opportunities arise? Your temporary employees can apply directly on their platform for jobs that match their criteria. They can also indicate their availability, view their upcoming assignments, and complete their timesheets, saving even more time for your time and payroll staff.


A staffing software with a customer relationship management software?


Did you know? PRIM Logix is not only an efficient and reliable staffing software, but also a customer relation management software that has its own features to ensure a rigorous and efficient follow-up of your customers, prospects and – even – competitors!


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