The PRIM Logix team is growing: have you considered joining us?


Newcomers to our team, they testify to their successful integration: Ghislain and Léo answer our questions and show that changing jobs can be a winning bet!


Both are smiling. Both have several years of experience in their respective fields. And both have joined the PRIM Logix team in recent weeks! Ghislain, web developer, and Léo, programmer-analyst, introduce themselves today and talk to us about their backgrounds, their integration during teleworking, but also their expectations.


At the job interview, how did you introduce yourself?


Ghislain: I am a young man of 43, who returned to school at 36. I have had IT companies in the past. During my university career, I worked full time in a hardware store and had a website creation business at the same time. When I graduated from college, I was hired by a heavy truck web and mobile application company. I refined my specialties there, notably web programming but also programming for Android mobile applications, as well as data and database warehousing and analysis. A little over three years later, I am joining the PRIM Logix team.


Léo: I have been a programmer-analyst for almost 10 years. Before joining PRIM Logix, I had the opportunity to work on various software in the health sector, where my tasks were mainly related to SQL code for reports, database-level procedures or more data manipulation.


What were your expectations by joining PRIM Logix?


Ghislain: I really like the multidisciplinary aspect of a job, so I always must face challenges and that my work is not a routine, that it be different every day, otherwise I will get bored. In this context, my expectations are met!


Léo: After spending more than 8 years in a large company, I wanted to join a smaller team to find a different work culture while keeping a job like what I have known. My expectations were met, and I was quickly assigned tasks related to SQL configuration as well as the creation of several reports.


You arrived in our team during a pandemic, when we were all telecommuting: how did your integration go?


Ghislain: The integration was easy, as I was already working 3 days a week at home at my old job. So, it was a routine that was already well established for me.


Léo: I was lucky because I think my integration went very well! However, you quickly realize the limits of telecommuting and I cannot wait to experience office life when possible!


What do you bring to the team you join?


Ghislain: I bring in-depth knowledge of the Laravel framework (this is the server-side framework), Linux as well as APIs and tools available on the web for programmers and developers. I also have quite a bit of field experience with technologies that will be useful for PRIM Logix in the future. I have very good experience in designing and programming mobile applications.


Léo: I offer access to general computer expertise that will help solve various problems that our daily life encounters. That and a good dose of good humor in our morning meetings!


When you are not behind a desk, what are you doing?


Ghislain: I like to do a little training and play video games, but most of the time I listen to documentaries or I read, articles and studies on subjects related to science: computers and technology, obviously, but also physics, astrophysics, microbiology etc. At the same time, I also spend my evenings also preparing my certificate at the Polytechnic in cybersecurity.


Léo: These days, I do a lot of walking and gardening. We will see by the end of the summer if I have any potential in horticulture!


What is the shameful anecdote you could not have told in a job interview?


Ghislain: (laughs) sorry, I cannot say!


Léo: I frequently drive at 51 km/hr in zones of 50. When I feel rebellious, I even dare to 55 km/hr.


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