“Human resources is often the first contact the candidate has with the firm. Therefore, having the best recruiters is a way to give the company a good brand image. Various skills are required to be a good recruiter… and find the perfect gem!”

1. Knowing Marketing Well


When writing the ad, recruiters should describe the job effectively and in an attractive way. They have to pay special attention to match the offer to the demand, depending on the profile of the targeted candidates. Indeed, many generations are mixed in the company. This leads to a fracture between young and senior candidates, who have different habits when looking for a job. A young candidate can easily be catched on social networks. It is still important to note that 36% of 55-63 years old use the Internet to seek information about a job!


2. Being Good At Sales


To succeed in convincing the best candidate, recruiters must be able to show the strengths of the company and the benefits of the job. They have to make sure they hire the best candidate and that this candidate comes to work for them. Finding the right person, for the right job, available at the right time, is a task that can be herculean!


3. Knowing How To Compliment The Company And Its Values


While writing the job ad, and during interviews, recruiters become ambassadors of the company. It is their mission to reflect its values and communicate about an attractive corporate culture.

A recruiter at Desjardins will thus embody the company and its values:

4. Understanding The Desired Profile


To meet the needs of the teams, recruiters must list the essential skills and personality traits for the position. This way, they can draw up a profile of the ideal candidate, or at least the required and optional features, to recruit the right person.


5. Understanding The Technical Aspects Of The Position To Fill


By understanding the teams’ needs, recruiters will also be able to determine the technical requirements of the job. With the Information Technology and Communication (ICT), positions often require more software skills. Recruiters have to understand these technical skills so they can hire someone qualified.


6. Being Able To Adapt To Various Situations


Just as recruiters must know the position and its technical needs, it is important for the ad and the company to be able to adapt to different situations. Besides taking into consideration the age of applicants and their use of social media, recruiters must also consider the type of job: commercial, financial or marketing positions can not be to approached the same way!


Individual or group interviews could be set up, while a high responsibilities position requires several meetings with various company managers.


7. Having effective communication skills


In addition to knowing how to sell, good recruiters should be comfortable at speaking, either by phone or during interviews. They have to seem friendly and comfortable, both in the position and in the firm. Recruiters at ease will conduct a more effective interview, and candidates will also be more relaxed.


8. Being Curious


Throughout the hiring process, recruiters must be curious, and question the different elements:


  • Received CVs: Why is there a period of inactivity? Why this choice of school program? What are this person’s hobbies, and what benefits do they represent for the job?
  • During the interview: Why does the candidate say that? What are their motives for the position? Why do they want to apply for this position in this company?


Recruiters should listen carefully to the answers, in order to bring out motivations and identify future career opportunities for example!


9. Being Open To The World


Bilingualism is now often required, some positions in tourism or business even require more than three languages. Therefore, recruiters must have some knowledge or at least be able to judge the language skills of a person, by asking some general questions directly in the required language.


Recruiters must also be interested in new technologies, as social networks allow them to reach provide candidates that would not answer to a traditional ad. The “”sharing”” option also significantly expand the number of people reached, without any geographical restriction.


10. Being Ethical And Objective


Finally, recruiters have to be objective and ethic, in order to treat each candidate equally. They must keep a human approach to consider the skills and personalities of each and not only the outer shell.


In France, a campaign against discrimination in hiring has highlighted the difficulties encountered by certain candidates: “See you tomorrow” to the white women, and “Sorry, we’re not looking for anyone” to the black women. Discrimination is punishable by law.


With these 10 skills, recruiters will be able to put candidates at ease and find the best person for the position. These qualities also allows recruiters to manage the integration process better.


What about you, what skills do you consider essential to be a good recruiter?”


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