Depending on the needs of the clients of an employment agency, two types of services are offered: permanent recruitment or temporary staffing. We present you today the differences between these two staffing options for the employee or the company.


Temporary (or contractual) staffing option


Temporary work is the process by which an employee is placed in a company by an employment agency in order to carry out a specific and punctual task. The mode of operation of the temporary or contractual staffing makes it possible to fill an urgent need in personnel for a specific task and limited in time. The objective of this staffing option is to allow a constant turnover of the personnel either for an increase of your production, holidays (holidays, holidays, diseases, parental leave) or one-off needs. The employee’s file remains the responsibility of the agency.


PRIM Logix staffing software is used to assess the company’s staffing needs and perform a process of analyzing candidates to find the ideal candidate for a replacement. This even in an emergency situation for a last-minute replacement. PRIM Logix distinguishes between replacement and bulk replacement. In the event that the client needs more than one person for the same type of position for several different shifts. It also creates a warrant for a job without schedule specification. In this case, it will not be a matter of daily shifts, but rather the number of hours per week.


Through PRIM Logix, you can also directly reach all selected candidates via email or SMS to fill your urgent positions and optimize your workflow.


The advantages of temporary staffing


Temporary staffing is an excellent solution for companies seeking to reduce expenses related to recruitment, turnover, overtime and absenteeism. This results in significant savings and reduces downtime by creating constant productivity.


Permanent Staffing Option


Whether it is for an increase in your production, an employee’s departure or succession planning, permanent recruitment can fill positions over the long term.


In addition, the staffing of permanent staff gives you the opportunity to find candidates who fit the culture of your business and who can contribute in their own way.

Our PRIM software makes it possible to identify the requirements of the position to be filled and the profile sought beyond their skills and qualifications. It takes into consideration factors that will contribute to the motivation, satisfaction and productivity of candidates within your company.


Absolutely intuitive, PRIM has a system of parameters allowing to register in a few clicks the candidates corresponding to the profiles wanted and available. If the candidate lives near the employer or if he or she already worked for the employer in the past, are filters that can be used to optimize your employee staffing.


The benefits of permanent staffing


For the employee, a permanent job is a way to benefit from a certain stability and to promote the advancement of his career.


For the company, Permanent staffing of staff avoids the repetition of the recruitment process and costs related to the hiring of temporary or contractual candidates. Again, it depends on your business environment!


A company will look for the ideal candidate who will add value to his team. It is the duty of the staffing agency to advise the company at this level!


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