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The form can be “saved for later” and remains available in your Internet browser for up to 30 days. The ”submit form” and ”save and continue later” buttons are located at the bottom of the form. Make sure not to clear your internet browser cache if you are saving to continue later.


The information you provide to us through this form is included in your basic package. Any additional configuration you would like to add to your PRIM Logix is considered a custom configuration. We invite you to communicate them with your integrator during your initial call or at any other time. He can analyze them with you and provide you with estimates for carrying out the work.

1. Company information

  • 2. Contact person in connection with the form

  • 3. Automated email sending

  • Under certain circumstances, PRIM Logix automatically sends emails to your external correspondents (for example, if a candidate or client requests a password reset. They will receive an email from your organization). We must configure in PRIM Logix the parameters for sending these emails: which address to use and what are the authentication information for this email address. Please provide us with the authentication information for the email address you want to use for automated submissions. Please note that if the authentication information for this email address change, it will be important to notify our support team or to change the information in the "Dispatcher" user in user management.


    To learn more, visit help.primlogix.com and search for “user profile”.


  • 4. Sending SMS via PRIM Logix

  • It is possible to send SMS to your candidates directly from PRIM Logix. If you need this functionality, you must first open an account with one or the other of the 2 providers compatible with PRIM and provide us with the information so that we can configure your SMS sending account in PRIM Logix. The selected supplier will invoice you directly.

    Instructions for opening an account with Twilio or Plivo

    1. Navigate to the site of the selected supplier :

    https://www.twilio.com or https://www.plivo.com 

    2. Then click on the SIGN UP tab in the upper right corner;

    3. Fill in the requested information;

    4. Make sure your account is activated and that there is a minimum amount of money in your account;

    5.Choose a phone number from which PRIM Logix can send SMS to your external correspondents.

  • Please tell us which supplier you have selected.
  • You can find it in your profile (can be named SID in your account).
  • You can find it in your profile (can be named token in your account).
  • Please provide the phone number activated in your Twilio / Plivo account.

    5. API services offered

  • Below you will find all available APIs. Please let us know which services you would like to use.


    Please note that the creation of accounts is your responsibility since these accounts belong to you. An email with instructions will be sent to you to help you create your accounts.


    If you need help creating accounts, our technician can assist you (at the current rate for technical tasks).


    Storage services

    If you intend to allow candidates to create their account directly through the web platform, through automatic CV analysis, the Storage Services APIs would allow the candidate to select a CV from their file storage account.


    Authentication via social networks

    Allows applicants to authenticate to the Web platform using their social media credentials rather than having to memorize a new username / password for their account with you.

  • Distance calculation API

  • Obtain the distance between candidates and clients.


    * The Mapbox Distance Calculator API is a service that may incur costs. Additional charges apply. See https://www.mapbox.com/pricinget and the "Navigation SDK" section for pricing for displaying Directions.


  • Integration of job offers with other platforms

    Once your job offers have been created in PRIM Logix, it is possible to send them to external platforms for more visibility.

  • Google fees: none. Method to publish the posts: the PRIM Logix user clicks on a button to publish
  • Indeed fees: see with your Indeed representative. Method for posting positions: once the bridge has been created between PRIM Logix and Indeed, Indeed will automatically search for positions at regular intervals.
  • Neuvoo fees: see with your Indeed representative. Method for posting positions: once the bridge has been created between PRIM Logix and Indeed, Indeed will automatically search for positions at regular intervals.

  • Data analysis by Google

  • Allows, among other things, to compile page consultation statistics on the web platform.


    We do not support user training in the use of Google services.


  • Email relay for large sending volumes

  • If you have large volumes of emails to send from PRIM (job proposals, confirmations, etc.), your email provider may be slowing you down in your sending (ex: Office 365 limit to 30 messages per minute) . In this case, it is easier to use an email relay service, which allows you to send more emails without being restricted. We have an account with the Canadian provider SMTP.com. Additional charges apply.



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