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Staffing and Recruiting Software in Manitoba

Are you looking for a Staffing and Recruiting software in the province of Manitoba?

Are you looking for a Staffing and Recruiting software in the province of Manitoba ?


You run a temporary staffing agency or a permanent recruitment firm?


You need help to find a robust and flexible software to help you attract, hire and assigned top talents in the province of Manitoba? Relax, you came to the right place.

What is an ATS, applicant tracking system?

An Applicant tracking system — or ATS, for short — is a type of software used by recruiters and employers during the hiring process to collect, sort, scan, and rank the job applications they receive for their open positions.


The applicant tracking system was initially created for large corporations that are accustomed to dealing with several thousand inbound job applications on a weekly basis. Today, approximately 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on ATS software to help streamline their recruitment process. However, what began as a recruitment solution for large employers has turned into a commonplace tool for companies of all shapes and sizes.

What is a temporary staffing software?


Temporary staffing agency software helps firms manage the influx of clients and candidates that temp agencies handle every day. An intuitive temporary staffing solution helps automate many of their day-to-day tasks, allowing recruiters to work more efficiently so they can fill jobs faster than their competitors.

PrimLogix offers both an ATS and a Scheduling Software.


PRIM Logix’s advanced criteria management system makes it so you will always have a perfect contact list of candidates in Manitoba, which means you’ll spend less time placing calls and will receive positive answers more quickly. Our tool efficiently compares your requirements with those of the candidates to generate a customized contacts list of workers in Manitoba. Things such as employee availability, work hours, distance, competencies, training, preferences, and much more, are considered by our staffing software.


Furthermore, PRIM Logix has a mass mailing feature and communication templates that ensure quick and effective communication. Once a temporary position has been filled, it is automatically added to the candidate’s schedule and availability.

SMS, e-mail or telephone


Our mass mailing feature and communication templates ensure quick and effective communication. Once a position has been filled, it will automatically be added to the candidate’s schedule and availability.

Other features:


  • Create individual or batch requests
  • Quick overview of a staffing need or candidate / client file
  • Complete information for each request: received by, requested by, requirements, location, work shift, perks and bonuses, confirmation and more
  • Quick overview of every request or filtered requests
  • Custom call list
  • Unlimited criteria management
  • Advanced filters
  • Visual countdown for replacements with a fixed time limit
  • Automated SMS or email templates
  • Advanced management of sent replies: Reminder in an hour, message left, not available for the day, etc.
  • Creation of historical records for each communication, including the candidate’s replies
  • Schedule and availability management
  • Automated transmission of replacement description
  • Automated schedule transmission
  • Online calendar and availabilities
  • Online replacement proposal
  • Download replacement description

You need to assign a candidate on a specific punctual need? It’s easy with PRIM Logix. All you have to do is to open your placement interface and call list. Instantly, PRIM Logix generates a potential list for you, based on your desired criteria.


PRIM Logix is proud to provide your agency with a staffing solution that will improve the way your agency will schedule temporary workforce in the province of Manitoba


Our mission is to optimize the most demanding business processes for you. That way, we can guarantee your success when it comes to hiring and assigning your most relevant candidates. PRIM Logix offers modular solutions in the temporary staffing sector that is scalable as your grow.


There are several advantages to our staffing software in Manitoba. Our team is thrilled to introduce you to PRIM Logix and all the ways it can help your staffing agency to manage your temporary workforce. Discover everything there is to know about our software for temporary and permanent staffing firms now.

Why choose our staffing and recruiting software for permanent and temporary workforce in Manitoba?

What is a temporary employee?


Temporary employees are hires who are expected to retain their positions only for a limited period. They are also known as temps. Temporary employment typically lasts for nine months or less. Temporary employees are often hired through a third-party employment agency. There are many staffing and recruitment agencies in the province of Manitoba.

You recruit and manage permanent and temporary workers in Manitoba?


Regardless of the industry you hire, we can help.



Monthly profitability management 

Permanent and temporary staffing 

Employee commission calculation 

Candidate availability calendar 



Effective, dynamic call list 

Support for labor union priority 

Online availability management 

Mass proposal of work shifts 




Complex hiring process tracking 

Advanced security management 

Interdepartmental assignments management 

Customized complete files 




Work team management 

Permanent position applications tracking 

Call list with competency support 

Downloadable assignment calendar




Call list with worked hours/distances 

Download online assignments 

Vehicle and equipment availability 


Notice of employee permit expiry



Rotating schedule management 

Work team support 

Downloadable schedules 

Individual management of work shifts



internships offer platform 

Interest and applications management 

Online document transmission 

Automatic reminder at end of internship



Internal hiring process tracking

Complete employee files 

Automatic resume analysis 

Advanced competency system




Rotating schedule management 

Multiple workplace management 

Work team support 

Maintenance assignments based on requests  



Replacement management 

Downloadable assignment itinerary 

Personalized notes by workplace 

Future needs notifications 


Replacements call list

Hours worked 

Training and competency management 

Assignment distance calculation  




Work team support 

Equipment availability management 

Downloadable detailed assignment 

Call list for urgent needs



Customer request management 

Candidate availability calendar 

Modular customer billing

Downloadable assignment itinerary 



Shift schedule management 

Multiple workplace management 

Work team support 

Maintenance assignments based on requests 


Customer request management

Candidate availability calendar 

Online schedules

Downloadable assignment itinerary



Rotating schedule management 

Shift perks calculation 

Downloadable schedules 

Work team support 



Work team support 

Rotating schedule management 

Shift perks calculation 

Modular customer billing 




Work team support 

Complete billing management 

Equipment availability management 



Temporary staffing and recruitment software in Manitoba


Manitoba became Canada’s fifth province when the area that had been the Red River Settlement was admitted to the confederation in 1870. The present-day province straddles the boundary between the Prairie and Central Canada, and it has both a large agricultural sector and a topography similar to those of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. It also has a mixed economy, an urban orientation, and a multiethnic character, all of which are more like Ontario than the Prairie West. While other areas of the Canadian West have experienced economic cycles of boom and bust, Manitoba has maintained a steadier pace. Similarly, the province’s political and cultural life has largely avoided the extremes that tend to characterize western Canadian society. Area 250,116 square miles (647,797 square km), of which about one-sixth is inland water. Pop. (2016) 1,278,365; (2019 est.) 1,369,465.

Manitoba’s economy is based on:


  • Agriculture
  • Forestry
  • Fishery
  • Mining


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It's an integrated personal placement and recruitment solution developed for agencies and HR professionals. It covers the entire hiring cycle, and it's much more than a mixture of an ATS and a CRM ...

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