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The form can be “saved for later” and remains available in your Internet browser for up to 30 days. The ”submit form” and ”save and continue later” buttons are located at the bottom of the form.

Make sure not to clear your internet browser cache if you are saving to continue later.


The information you provide to us through this form is included in your basic package. Any additional configuration you would like to add to your PRIM Logix is considered a custom configuration. We invite you to communicate them with your integrator during your initial call or at any other time. He can analyze them with you and provide you with estimates for carrying out the work.

License type

  • Indicate your PRIM Logix license type below.    
    Complete license: Used to process permanent and / or temporary recruitment requests.
    Recruiter license: allows you to help your clients find a candidate they want to hire (permanent placement).

  • 1. Company information

  • 2. Contact person in connection with the form

  • 3. Normal business hours


    In order to properly plan your database backups and other manipulations to be done during idle hours, please indicate your normal business hours.

  • SundayMondayThuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday

  • 4. Tax numbers


    If you have more than one division (more than one company), you can indicate the tax registration numbers of each division in this list. Each division can have its own tax registration numbers on its invoices. Your business tax registration numbers to display on your invoices.

  • DivisionTax typeRegistration number 

  • 5. Users to create to get started


    Indicate the last name, first name and role of the users to create to start in your PRIM. In addition, please let us know if these people are authorized to make customization requests for their PRIM Logix (billable).

  • Last nameFirst nameJob roleauthorization 

  • 6. Characterization of candidates


    This section establishes how to characterize the candidates. Some information will be used to correspond with a client request (ex: a skill to do the job), others will be used to correspond with information about clients (ex: in which region (s) is the candidate ready to travel?), and finally, some information will be in the file for informational purposes only.


    Note that if any information in the file you submit meets needs that are not included in this questionnaire, those needs will be treated as system customizations. Your integrator can analyze them with you and provide you with estimates for carrying out the work.


    If the lists requested below are too long for this form, we invite you to attach a file at the bottom of this page (Microsoft Excel .xls format).

  • List the possible occupations of your candidates. If certain professions have specialties and / or require a professional license, please indicate them as well.   If necessary, separate specialties and / or professional licenses with a comma.  
    OccupationSpecialtiesProfessional license 

  • 7. Working regions

  • It is possible to list the cities for each of the regions or sub-regions. However, the objective is to divide the territory enough to represent the preferences of the candidates, but not to divide it too much so as not to increase the task of the users.

  • 8. Languages


    Some clients may require knowledge of various languages (spoken and / or written)

  • List the most common languages. The user will be able to specify the additional language(s) in a separate text field.
  • List the requirements of your customers in relation to knowledge of the languages listed in the previous point. For example, "Written", "Spoken" and "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced".

  • 9. Characterization of clients


    This section establishes how to characterize clients, especially for informational purposes.

  • Do you have a way of differentiating certain types of customers, which could influence a candidate's wish to go to work there, or perhaps even your pricing grid (Example in the industrial sector: "Food", "Manufacturer", etc. Example in health: "Hospital center", "Long-term care accommodation center", etc.)
  • Do you want to be able to specify the common clothing specifications required by your customers? If so, list them here.

    10. Company logos


    We will integrate your logo (or your logos if you have several divisions) in 4 places :

    1. In the wallpaper of your PRIM Logix (format: 866 pixels x 248 pixels)

    2. On your report headers (format: 318 pixels x 190 pixels)

    3. On your web platform (home page and in the candidate / client profile) (format: 635 pixels x 183 pixels and a logo 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels)

    4. On your web platform (on the Internet browsers tab when a candidate / client is connected to the platform. Commonly called a favicon) (format: 260 pixels x 260 pixels)

    Please provide GOOD QUALITY logo(s), in .png, .jpg, .bmp or .svg format, for integration at these locations.

  • Please tell us if you want our graphic designer to transform the logo (s) so that it (they) corresponds to the requested formats, or any other specific instructions for their integration.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: png, jpg, bmp, eps, pdf, ai, svg, Max. file size: 64 MB.


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