Among the benefits of digital transformation, we often forget to mention the fight against fraud. We are talking here about document fraud, which is particularly relevant for temporary and permanent staffing agencies.


The benefits of digital transformation for temporary staffing agencies are certainly no longer in question. Saving time and space, higher added value activities, cost reduction… I have already discussed the benefits of a successful digital transformation for agency owners as well as for their employees. However, there is an advantage that is too often forgotten: the fight against fraud. Document fraud, which concerns temporary or permanent staffing agencies.


An impressive increase in cases since 2020.


Did you know that according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, the number of cases of fraud or identity theft has been steadily increasing for the past nine years ? It was at the beginning of the pandemic that cases exploded. Statistics Canada indicates a 130% increase in identity fraud and 86% increase in identity theft between 2020 and 2021.


Data collected in a survey conducted by the HR Research Institute gave equally significant results.


What is identity fraud?


According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, identity theft “refers to criminals stealing someone else’s personal information for criminal purposes”.


Document fraud is therefore the impersonation or falsification of a person’s identity, the use of false documents, filling in forms incorrectly, etc., in order to obtain a national identity, a job, a loan, housing or any other object that can be used to obtain rights or money.


Temporary staffing agencies handle a lot of administrative documents from candidates and employees. They are thus directly confronted with this disturbing phenomenon.


Why are these statistics relevant to your agency?


Because falsifying documents, whether in paper or digital format, is very easy to do. Simple graphics software, used properly, is all that is needed for those with malicious intent to do so. The cost of this fraud is estimated to exceed tens of billions of dollars per year. It concerns all the documents that justify a commitment: identity documents, pay slips, proof of residence, invoices, etc.


The Surete du Quebec provides tools and advice to protect yourself from identity theft as an individu. But as the head of a staffing agency, you can also contribute to the peace of mind of your clients, candidates and employees.


Here we recently explained how digital identity verification will transform the recruitment industry. Did you know that the digital transformation of your agency contributes to strengthening the security of the data it keeps?


How does dematerialisation help combat document fraud?


Exchange of digital documents appears to be a solution for combating document fraud, whether it be identity papers, administrative documents, invoices, employment contracts, etc.


Moreover, dematerialisation of documents allows not only an authentication of the person from whom the document originates, but also a better traceability of the documents. The implementation of a shared document management tool is particularly suitable in this case. But to be truly secure, it should be customisable to security groups. These groups may or may not allow recording, consultation or modification. A history of consultations and saved versions should also be set up.


With a properly created electronic document, it is possible to guarantee:


  • Compliance.
  • Validity, by comparing the data extracted from the document with reference points.
  • Consistency, by checking that the data in all the documents provided is similar (same name on all the receipts, etc.)


In addition, digital transformation offers your agency a long-term advantage in terms of deterrence. A digital solution will not only filter out potential fraudsters. It will also deter others from applying in the future, increasing your agency’s overall security level.


How does PRIM Logix help you fight fraud?


First, it is not superficial to point out that PRIM Logix guarantees the security of the data stored there. Candidates, clients and employees of the temporary staffing agency are thus assured that their information is protected. It is also more serene for the managers. The latter are indeed “assured of benefiting from the best possible protection standards” for their company.


Following this philosophy, PRIM Logix also secures the management of all the documents necessary for the proper functioning of your agency. From the most common to the most confidential. The software securely stores identity documents, cheque specimens and professional licences for your resources. The consistency of all information can therefore be checked immediately.


Document integrity and authenticity: PRIM Logix helps you to relax.


In addition, pay slips can be issued electronically thanks to the connection between PRIM Logix and your accounting software. They are sent in PDF format to employees and cannot be modified. On your side, and on the candidate’s web platform, they are archived in what can be considered a secure electronic safe.


The same applies to invoices issued to your client. They are created directly in electronic format and can be sent as they are to the contact person responsible for invoicing. The use of automated statuses makes these invoices unchangeable, in accordance with the regulations. And the digital export to your management software also avoids the reproduction of sensitive documents.


Thus, by using a solution as complete as PRIM Logix, no document passes in transit outside the security framework that you have defined. This guarantees document integrity and authenticity. And allows you to relax.


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