• Unsuccessful in his research, David does no longer know which job site to turn to?

  • Pascal, warehouse manager, has just learned that about ten trucks will deliver their goods next week and he therefore needs to find four competent forklift drivers as soon as possible.

  • Chantal’s son will soon be graduating from his studies and wants to do several “jobs” to deepen his experience and expand his CV?

  • Company manager, Michael is short of staff and unable to recruit?


Have they ever thought about staffing agencies?



But have they really thought about it?

Do they really know the benefits of working with an staffing agency?


Temporary placement or permanent recruitment?


Depending on the needs of the clients of the agency, two types of services are offered: permanent recruitment or temporary staffing. Knowing the differences between the two is to point out the advantages of each.


Temporary staffing option


Temporary work is the process by which an employee is placed in a company by a staffing agency to carry out a specific and punctual task. The mode of operation of the temporary or contractual staffing makes it possible to fill an urgent need in personnel for a specific task and limited in time. The objective of this staffing option is to allow a constant turnover of the personnel either for an increase of your production, holidays (holidays, diseases, parental leave) or one-off needs. The employee’s file remains the responsibility of the agency.


To find the ideal candidate for a replacement, PRIM Logix performs a process of analyzing the agency’s database to do a business fit between the replacement assignment and the qualifications and availability of the employees. This even in an emergency for a last-minute replacement. In addition, PRIM Logix distinguishes between a replacement – a simple and unique shift – and a group replacement, for which the same candidate, or team, could chain several shifts – recurring or not – for the same client.


Through PRIM, you can also directly reach all selected candidates via email or SMS to fill your urgent positions and optimize the dispatcher’s workflow. The employee’s web platform, directly linked to PRIM Logix, also allows them to learn about replacement proposals and apply for them in one click.


The advantages of temporary staffing


Temporary staffing is an excellent solution for companies seeking to reduce expenses related to recruitment, turnover, overtime, and absenteeism. This results in significant savings and reduces downtime by creating constant productivity. For agencies, temporary staffing provides additional and recurring income. Although different from just recruiting, this is a worthwhile business model in some industries.


For agencies, temporary staffing provides additional and recurring income. Although different from just recruiting, this is a worthwhile business model in some industries.


Permanent Staffing and Head-Hunting Option


Whether it is to fill new positions in a growing company, an increase in production, the departure of an employee or succession planning, permanent recruitment can fill positions over the long term. In addition, the staffing of permanent employees gives you the opportunity to find candidates who fit the corporate culture of your business and who can contribute in their own way.


PRIM Logix makes it possible to identify the requirements of the position to be filled and the profile sought beyond their skills and qualifications. It takes into consideration factors that will contribute to the motivation, satisfaction, and productivity of candidates within your company.


For a recruiter PRIM Logix has a system of parameters allowing to register in a few clicks the candidates corresponding to the profiles wanted and available. If the candidate lives near the employer or if he or she already worked for the employer in the past, his qualifications, diplomas, work experience… Many filters are available to optimize the recruitment of employees. In addition, one click is also enough to publish the job on several job boards and then centralize the applications received to carry out an initial screening before presenting the suitable candidates to the client, who can proceed to the interviews.


The benefits of permanent staffing


For the employee, a permanent job is a way to benefit from a certain stability and to promote the advancement of his career.


For the company, Permanent staffing of staff avoids the repetition of the recruitment process and costs related to the hiring of temporary or contractual candidates.


In conclusion, are staffing agencies an essential model?




From the point of view of the candidate – the employee – as much as that of the client – the company – the staffing agency is an interlocutor who makes the connection, a “professional matchmaker” who knows perfectly both the skills of the ‘one and the needs of the other.


According to a “win-win” model, employment agencies offer undeniable and essential advantages to both parties:


For candidates, regardless of the industry, this is a prime resource in finding a job: seasonal workers, students awaiting their next session or workers in the health sector have understood this well.


For the agency’s client, this is the assurance of an initial screening of applications: no respectable staffing agency would want to risk its reputation by proposing a candidate whose file does not meet the client’s expectations. In addition, using a staffing agency means quickly having a pool of candidates that is much more controlled than what a posting on job boards could provide: in fact, in the ocean of job offers posted every day, yours must be strategically targeted to navigate to the right audience.


The role of PRIM Logix software is to assist staffing agencies throughout the assignment process. This involves, among other things in creating and managing the publication of job offers on various bulletin boards, in searching the database and in finding the best talents whose profile corresponds to the one sought but still to manage payroll and invoices.



*This article was originally published on July 30, 2015. The changes made to the PRIM Logix staffing software since that date have led us to update it.


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