Staffing agencies are companies that specialize in recruiting new employees for their client companies.  Some agencies hire primarily temporary employees, while others focus on finding ideal job candidates to fill permanent positions.  Whether companies are looking to hire entry-level workers or fill executive seats, there are a number of benefits to partnering with a permanent staffing agency.


Advanced Expertise


The recruiters and consultants that work for staffing agencies have all of the expertise and experience they need to understand employment trends, market conditions, and the challenges associated with hiring industry-leading talent.  Many staffing agencies offer industry-specific recruitment help as well, which allows them to focus on niche industries in order to better understand specific job requirements and industry practices.  Regardless of whether a company is looking to fill entry-level positions or find new management personnel, staffing agencies are in a unique position to draw from their own expertise and a large pool of qualified candidates in order to offer their clients the best possible employees to fit their client companies’ needs.


Access to Wide Networks


The recruiters working for staffing agencies have access to a remarkably large pool of potential employees, allowing them to help their clients fill open positions quickly with highly qualified personnel.   Companies who choose to hire internally, on the other hand, must actively advertise their job openings then hope for the best when it comes to attracting the right kind of candidates.  Not only does this create a good deal of extra work for these companies, but it also reduces the chances that they will successfully find new employees that are both highly-qualified and dependable, increasing their worker turnover rates and creating instability within the workplace.


Save Money


There is a common misconception that companies choosing to hire through staffing agencies will necessarily incur exorbitant costs.  In reality, clients can often save money by partnering with experienced staffing firms.  This tends to be the case for several reasons.


First, it costs a good deal of money to keep hiring managers on their payroll, post job ads, and reach potential applicants.  Second, the cost of pre-employment testing and background checks can add up quicker than many hiring managers would think, especially in the event that multiple job candidates are rejected due to their inability to pass these checks.  Finally, training costs tend to be much higher when companies hire underqualified or untrained employees.


When companies choose instead to work with a dedicated staffing agency, they pay one surprisingly low fee to have all of this legwork performed for them.  Since these agencies manage the entire employment process, including applicant vetting and recruiting highly trained and qualified personnel, they can often provide these essential services at a lower price than companies would pay to perform the same amount of work themselves.


Save Time


When companies place open job postings, anyone can submit an application and a resume for consideration.  Hiring managers wind up wasting a lot of time as a result due to the need to weed out all of the underqualified or otherwise unsuitable candidates and interviewing those who look great on paper but obviously won’t make the cut at an in-person interview.  Working with a staffing agency can greatly reduce the amount of time that must be spent reviewing applications and interviewing applicants since only those candidates with resumes that truly stand out will be recommended for interviews.


This is doubly true given that most contemporary staffing agencies utilize a software tool known as an Applicant Tracking System to help them sort through their vast databases of applicants in order to find those who are most highly-qualified.  Companies hiring through staffing agencies for the first time are often astounded by the speed with which these professionals can offer lists of potential employees.  This industry-specific tool helps to explain their speed and efficiency, as it offers recruiters easy-to-manage lists of only those applicants who are most highly qualified, allowing them to spend less time reviewing resumes by hand if they are not likely to be a good fit for the position being offered.


Better Employee Retention Rates


Not only are those companies that choose to hire through staffing agencies more likely to receive applications from candidates that can provide a higher level of employee performance, but they are often able to improve their employee retention rates as a result.  Hiring highly-qualified and talented workers means that they won’t have to worry about winding up with employees that can’t handle the work they are assigned, and since staffing agencies also consider other factors that influence applicant success, they’ll be more likely to find employees that want to stay with the company long-term.


Temp-to-Perm Opportunities


Most staffing agencies offer their clients option of hiring employees on a temporary basis before offering them permanent positions.  This gives them the opportunity to see how well these employees will fit in with their companies and their existing workforces and to evaluate how reliable and skilled they are before extending an offer of permanent employment, allowing them to make informed hiring decisions without committing to onboarding employees that might not be the best fit.


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