The holiday season is fast approaching! The related vacations too! For this reason, it is important for staffing agencies to ensure that each client has the necessary staff and can continue their activities without problems. PRIM explains how to ensure and schedule this smooth stall and manage overtime needs.


Get ahead, anticipate.


The end-of-year celebrations are a difficult time in terms of human resources. Some companies give vacations to all their employees, while others remain in operation and each employee must choose these days off.


Replacement planning during this period is optimized using PRIM software. You can manage all holiday absences in advance and create reminders to update your candidate searches. In addition, you will find easily and quickly a candidate available at the desired period by indexing the candidates by search criteria.


Not to mention that you can send to all your clients and your candidates your holiday schedule with an e-mail communication or personalized SMS to each recipient. In seconds, your entire network will know!


Easy replacements


Within the agency, it often happens that different employees work on the same file. So when it comes time for holidays, it can be very mixed to take back a file already in progress if the information is poorly presented. PRIM simplifies the coordination of work by synchronizing your accounts. It then becomes easy to recover the work of its predecessor on one and the same platform.


Do not underestimate the benefits of holidays


The holidays are full of benefits for the health of your employees and that of your company, so it is important to ensure that they are well organized.


According to an Expedia vacation survey, 35% of people say they feel less stressed and relaxed before a holiday, and about 40% say they are happier after the holidays.


And this is only part of the many benefits that vacations offer to employees:


  • Increased creativity
  • Improvement of mental and physical health, well-being
  • Stimulating performance at work
  • Stress reduction


More than a simple right, holidays are therefore necessary and beneficial for both candidates and employees of employment agencies! So to facilitate departures on holiday serene, remember that a little anticipation and organization are often enough so that everyone can enjoy a well deserved rest.


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