During the life of a company, changes in activity can occur. This leads to a variation in labor requirements. For example during seasonal demands or simply during a key period of the year. But to face this exceptional workload, a larger workforce is needed.


Recruiting by yourself is expensive


A company can meet their needs by hiring a new employee for a one-time assignment. The company must then enter a process of recruitment that can prove to be complex:


  • Time spent creating the job description and publishing it;
  • Hiring time and mobilization of human resources to meet potential candidates;
  • Recruitment process for a qualified and qualified candidate;
  • Pay slips for each assignment, with accounting fees;

This recruitment is sensitive because it is necessary to find the profile that corresponds best in terms of skills, experience, workload, and then organize training if necessary.


But companies can also choose to outsource their human resources, especially to an employment agency.


The placement agency for one-time needs


Entrusting the management of hiring to a placement agency allows the company to save time and financial and human resources. Employees can devote themselves to working on their usual tasks, rather than dedicating themselves to this recruitment!


It’s also important to keep in mind that placement agencies already have a pool of candidates registered in a dedicated software. The employment agency takes care of various services: recruitment, training, management and payroll. The company has only to submit its request, and is quickly awarded a candidate corresponding to the required profile.


Using a management software


Agencies that are able to do their part and provide impeccable service to corporate clients are the ones that demonstrate great efficiency. This is why the agency that will receive the mandate to find the new employee need to have an efficient staff and very often a powerful software to accelerate and perfect the placement. Some software will offer some basic functionality that will partially meet the needs of the agency. PRIM Logix software, for its part, has evolved over time thanks to the specific requests of its clients like agencies. Its current and future development is entirely devoted to it!


Employment agencies, challenge us! What are the functionalities of a management software that are essential in the accomplishment of your daily operations?


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