The importance of data security


The staffing of an employee is an important step and involves complying with a number of rules, in particular with regard to data security.


Automating the staffing process of candidates must not ignore the importance of the human being, ie the candidate, but also the client who does not wish to see the private information of the candidate. Its organization become accessible to all.


Today we are looking at the services that data companies must offer in terms of data security and how to deal with new technologies.


Professional profile and data security


The goal of using staffing software is to simplify and automate the procedures for both the staffing agency and the client and the candidate. This automation must be calibrated in order to respect the personal information of each one.


On the part of the company, it is essential to ensure that the information revealed will remain strictly confidential. With this in mind, the software used to facilitate the staffing of personnel must have rigorous security parameters. Flexible security management can be achieved, for example, by restricting certain accesses, restricting access to a window, certain tabs, lists, etc. But also the possibility for certain users to modify or delete certain information.


The same applies to the candidate. Even if the individual must disclose more information about him or her in order to define his / her professional profile, it is important to respect his / her personal information. The candidate enters into a relationship of trust with an agency. If confidence breaks, the candidate will use the services of another agency or simply go it alone. In order to maximize its chances of staffing and receive directly relevant job offers, the candidate must provide a lot of information, it is up to the agency to make good use of it safely!


Staffing and data security software


To safeguard against the risks associated with the disclosure of personal data on the Internet, the staffing software must be able to be secured.
This is a point that should not be omitted when choosing settings for your software. The personal data of the clients and candidates must be able to be secured via the parameters of the software but also within the agency itself. To do this, the setting of the software must make it possible to limit the access to the personal data to certain groups of employees of the agency of staffing; Not all information should be available to all employees. For example, the distribution department should have access to certain information that the compensation department will not have access to, and vice versa. At the same time, it reduces the training process for your team in the use of staffing software. Only the Super Administrator can benefit from an overview of the software and umbrella the different departments.


Automating payment and securing banking data


Payment automation allows you to consolidate all information within the same database to facilitate the management of employee payroll. To automatically manage transactions, you are required to use your clients’ banking information. Your management software must allow you to configure different pay rates on a confidential basis and generate invoices as required. The same applies to the management of commissions both within the agency and among your clients.


Looking for solutions in terms of protecting the privacy of your candidates? Do not hesitate to contact us to know the features of the PRIM Ligix software.


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